Drawing cherubs since 2010

About Mel

I’m an artist. I prefer ninjas over pirates, but ironically I have a pirate tattooed on my hand. I dig love…so I made a brand called Loveless Society (it makes no sense to me either). I like candy…but I decided to cut sugar. So if you want to bring me a healthy snack like almonds, I'll eat em or whatever. 

I’m usually only social at work. I blame my secluded artist brain for that issue. Clearly, I dig tattoos.

When I'm not tattooing, I'm probably drawing my comic, bossing around my interns (meaning we're trying to pull off a heist on Grand Theft Auto), or losing a dance battle to my daughter. She's undefeated. 

To book me, text my manager @ (404)907-1360 or email LovelessCupid@gmail.com.